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  1. Sauroni

    [Forum Game] Tell a Story

    . The charmander felt betrayed
  2. Sauroni


    Hi there! This doesn't sound good. Do you mind creating a ticket on our discord for us to assist you further? You can create a ticket via the channel #ticket-support by interacting with the mail icon. Our Discord server: Hopefully we can get this sorted out...
  3. Sauroni


    We are a Pixelmon Server, not the developers of the Technic Launcher. Unfortunately, that is not an issue we can fix for the players, which is why I supplied another method of joining the server. If you would like to become a technic dev and fix it for us, that would be greatly appreciated. :)
  4. Sauroni

    fly in hub

    Hi there, this means your rank has not been updated in the hub recently - this only happens when the hub reboots so this is to be expected. Since you've put in this report I'd gladly have someone give you your rank in the hub, and it should be updated within the next 24hrs. Cheers, - Sauroni
  5. Sauroni

    question about challenger rank

    This is false. All ranks are applied in the hub, and challenger specifically has access to /fly in our hubworld - it is listed as a perk on the website. All donator ranks have access to the additional 10 slots that are set aside for them - no matter what rank you purchase. The only reason you...
  6. Sauroni

    question about challenger rank

    Howdy! Ranks are not updated in the hub until the hub has rebooted. If you would like your in-hub rank sooner, please contact us via a ticket on our Official Discord Server and we can help you out more! Cheers, -Sauroni
  7. Sauroni


    Hi Xrade, It is specifically stated in our guidelines channel on discord that it is against the rules to advertise other servers and websites, and using mutuals from our server, even within DMs, is still a break of this rule. If you would like to appeal for your ban, please use the proper...
  8. Sauroni

    I Lost My PokeMenu Compass

    Hi there! You can get a new compass by using /kit trainer in game, or by interacting with the kit using /kits. Hope this helps! - Sauroni
  9. Sauroni

    I cant download the mod

    Hello! Sadly there is no fix for Microsoft accounts being unable to access the technic launcher for our modpack. However, you can download Forge 1.12.2 and Pixelmon separately, as they are the only requirements. Here are the links! Pixelmon > Pixelmon Reforged Forge 1.12.2 > Minecraft Forge...
  10. Sauroni


    The drop party will be annouced, but for now it is undecided. Also, the server is not dying - we are maintaining players actively and will continue to grow. Growth takes time and will fluctuate with the age of the server, and many players will come and pass. -Sauroni
  11. Sauroni

    Hi I'm new here and have a question about a purchase

    Hi there! The keys should have appeared in your inventory roughly 5 minutes after your purchase. If they still have not appeared, please make a ticket via our discord server so we can help you out! :) The server link can be accessed on the website or from this link: PokeSaga Discord. -Sauroni
  12. Sauroni

    Questions about "God Tools"

    Just offering solutions to problems, donating is entirely player choice. :) But I do agree, an added 80$ is really extensive, but God Tools can also be obtained from event crates and the like - and are common to be found on the player GTS. You can also do IRL deal with in-game money to receive...
  13. Sauroni

    Questions about "God Tools"

    40k per repair doesn't seem like a lot - you can make money in various ways on the server, and God Tools last a long time as they have unbreaking that exceeds vanilla numbers. The luxury of having these "God" tools that you cannot enchant yourself comes with a price: the cost of /repair. If you...
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