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PokeSilver Weekly Corners Event

PokeSilver Weekly Corners Event

Hey PokeSilver! I’ll be hosting a Corners this Sunday, June 17th! During this Event, players will stand on one of 4 corners as they randomly vanish and re-appear, last one standing wins! Hope you’re feeling lucky!

Host: SeldonArcais

Sunday, June 17th, 2022

EST: 1pm
PST: 10am
BST: 6pm

(Please use if you’re Time Zone is not listed above.)

Countdown Timer:

  • We will be hosting as many rounds as possible within the hour. The person with the Most Wins will get First Place.
  • However, there will be a round break system, meaning one cannot win 2 rounds in a row. (Events excluded from this rule: HuntNRun, Pacman, Tag, and Pocketworlds)
  • If there's a tie for the Top 3, there will be a Tie-Breaker Round. If there happens to be one, the rules will be explained after the event.
  • In order to receive the participation reward, a player must attend at least 80% of the Event.
  • Be sportsmanlike and don't try to ruin the experience for others by targeting other players for an advantage.



1st Place: Master Key, 100% IV Random Shiny (non legend/ub), 100k, 200 tokens, #Rigged title

2nd Place: Ultra Key, 80%+ IV Random Shiny (non legend/ub), 75k, 150 tokens

3rd Place: Great Key, 70%+ IV Random Shiny (non legend/ub), 50k, 100 tokens

Participation Reward:
Great Key


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope to see you all there.~​
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