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PokeSilver Weekly Knockout


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PokeSilver Weekly Knockout
Host: Thomasmtx

Hey PokeSilver! I will be hosting Weekly Knockout on April 3rd!


Sunday, April 3, 2022

EST: 5pm
PST: 2pm
BST: 11pm

(Please use if your Time Zone is not listed above.)

Countdown Timer:


In knockout the goal of the game is to be the last player standing! The last player standing of each round will be rewarded with 1 point.


- We will be hosting rounds of knockout for 1 hour. The player with the most wins will win 1st place!
- If there is a tiebreaker, the rules of that tiebreaker will be explained after the hour.
- In order to get the participation reward, you must have been playing for a substantial period of time in the event.
- Be Sportsmanlike and do not target other players purposefully to gain an advantage for others.
- There will be a round break system, meaning one cannot win 2 rounds in a row.


1st: 80%+ iv Cobalion, Shiny Key, 75k, 150 tokens, “BreadWinner” title
2nd: 80%+ iv Unbreedable HA Machamp , Master Key, 50k 125 tokens, “KnockKnock” title
3rd: 85%+ iv Shiny of Choice (No Legendary, Ultra Beast, Special abilities, or Ditto) Ultra Key, 50k 100 tokens, “KnockedOut” title

Participation Reward: Great Key​
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