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Pokesilver's Weekly Parkour Event


PokeSilver Helper · 15 y/o
PokeSilver Weekly Parkour Event

Hey PokeSilver! I’ll be hosting a Parkour Event this July 23rd! During this Event, Players will have to jump on different blocks and obstacles and be the first one to the finish line.
July 23rd, 2022

EST: 7:00 PM
PST: 9:00 PM

(Please use if you’re Time Zone is not listed above.)

Countdown Timer:


  • We will be hosting as many rounds as possible within the hour. The person with the Most Wins will get First Place.
  • However, there will be a round break system, meaning one cannot win 2 rounds in a row. (Events excluded from this rule: HuntNRun, Pacman, Tag, and Pocketworlds)
  • If there's a tie for the Top 3, there will be a Tie-Breaker Round. If there happens to be one, the rules will be explained after the event.
  • In order to receive the participation reward, a player must attend at least 80% of the Event.
  • Be sportsmanlike and don't try to ruin the experience for others by targeting other players for an advantage.
  • *Add as many bullets as you need for rules.*



1st Place:
Zeraora (Random IVs)
The Title: [Parkour God]
1x Master Key
150 Tokens

2nd Place:
(Unbreedable) HA Blaziken (70+ IVs)
The Title: [Bunny Hopper]
1x Ultra Key
120 tokens

3rd Place:
Shiny Pokemon of Choice (80+ IVs) (NO UB, Legends, or Ditto)
The Title: [Can’t Parkour]
1x Great Key
80 tokens

Participation Reward:
Great Key

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope to see you all there.~
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